• Arista

    Wireless Intrusion
    Prevention System

  • NetSecure


  • Infovista

    SD-WAN Solution

  • Synesis

    Big Data
    Packet Capture

  • Uila

    Hybrid Cloud

  • AirMagnet


Products video


Arista WIPS provides enterprises with the most comprehensive and continuous protection against current and emerging wireless threats.


Ipanema automatically maximizes application performance over the WAN by uniquely integrating the capabilities that IT needs to holistically orchestrate business application performance for every user, regardless of the IT complexity.


Big Data Packet Capture Solution


Uila AA-IPM offers the ability to see the root cause of application-centric infrastructure performance issues with just one click. Here you will see a demo of just how easy it is to drill down to the highest probability of root.

About Us

EQIT was founded in April of 1997 as a network consulting company. In recognition of the network as a mission-critical business asset, since 2000, EQIT has been engaged in developing network troubleshooting tools and network security systems, to help IT professionals eliminate network security threats and optimize the performance of their network environments.
But securing the network alone is no longer the priority. The technology advances so rapidly and has dramatically re-shaped life, business and the global economy, i.e. to disrupt the status quo, alter the way people live and work...